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Pet Owner Education.


At Cetra Vets, we bridge the gap between veterinary experts and pet owners through our extensive collection of animal education materials.

Increase the standard of animal care beyond your clinic's doors and into the comfort of a pet's home with our easy-access educational handouts.

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Welcome to Cetra Vets.

Leveraging more than 20 years' worth of expertise, we've crafted pet owner education materials that are both modern and comprehensive. Our journey has transitioned from traditional animal anatomy charts and veterinary models to meticulously curated, medically endorsed pet owner education handouts that can be shared globally.
We trust and believe in our software, and we want you to, too.

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A Community
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We have created a thriving veterinary community where knowledge is our cornerstone.

Building on over two decades of combined experience in veterinary and pet owner education, and in collaboration with esteemed expert veterinary surgeons, we deliver content that stands out for its precision, clarity, and impact.

Each pet owner handout is crafted with detailed, anatomically correct illustrations and content that has undergone professional review.

Every handout highlights the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options, and prognosis for numerous common conditions and diseases, presented in a straightforward yet impactful language.

Unlock the

At Cetra Vets we empower you to make a difference to animals lives with easy-to-understand medical information for their owners.

Our pet owner education resources have been rigorously tested in various veterinary environments, demonstrating that straightforward clinical information significantly boosts pet owners' confidence, treatment adherence, and overall satisfaction.

We simplify the process of information sharing. Whether your clients/pet owners prefer their handouts in digital or printed form, they can obtain them in just a few clicks.


Visual Content

We recognise that individuals have diverse learning preferences and information absorption capabilities.

Each Cetra Vets pet owner handout combines illustrations, text, and graphics to accommodate different learning styles effectively.

Additionally, we plan to introduce animation and video content to further enhance the learning experience.

Why Choose Cetra Vet?

Easy to Share Resources

Say goodbye to the hours spent searching online for information or crafting handouts after hours! Our handouts are precise, trustworthy, and available for immediate sharing with just a click. Distribute them effortlessly, either by printing for physical handouts or sending them digitally via email, SMS text, or WhatsApp.

Accurate & Reviewed Content

Every piece of our content is carefully crafted, rigorously reviewed, and consistently updated by expert veterinary surgeons to align with national standards and the most recent evidence. We also prioritise complete transparency — for every handout, you can access sources, references, as well as the bios of the authors and reviewers!

Comprehensive Library

Browse by animal or body part, or use our powerful search engine to find and share over 100 pet owner education handouts. Our content covers a growing range of small animal common conditions, plus more general topics such as anatomy and pain management.

This is just the beginning!

In the upcoming months, we're dedicated to expanding our resource library and incorporating new functionalities into our software. If you're an expert veterinary surgeon interested in contributing to or reviewing our pet owner education materials, we’d love to hear from you.

Experience the Future of Pet Owner Education